Applied Behavior Analysis

Center-Based Services

​Marra & Glick’s centers are equipped to provide services to a diverse group of individuals.

At MGABA, we understand that each person has a unique individual learning style. We value each learner’s individuality and use individually designed programs and behavior management plans. We nurture each learner’s interests and encourage learning through structured programs using the ABA principles.

To create each learner’s program, we assess them to determine their acquisition and retention rates of skills across multiple areas. We evaluate behaviors and use past data to identify barriers to learning and adaptive functioning. As learners progress through their own plans, they can break through the barriers and build lifelong skills.

Regular review of progress allows our clinicians to adjust learners’ programs as needed. We use a tiered approach to monitor all programs:

  • Qualified ABA therapists work directly with the learners and graph data to document daily progress across all skill areas.
  • Licensed Behavior Analysts are on site at all times with our team and review the data regularly to assess progress.
  • The Clinical Director of MGABA is readily available and oversees all skill and behavior management programming.

As advancements are made, transition planning is evaluated. The goal of MGABA programs is to re-integrate our clients back into community and school settings as soon as possible. When appropriate, our team will act as a liaison between the MGABA program and the learner’s school to train the teachers and support staff.

Behavior Programming

While working on building age-appropriate skills, the team at the MGABA Center also works to increase adaptive behavior across different settings. While behavior plans target challenging behaviors, individualized reinforcement programs seek to build on adaptive behaviors with functionally equivalent skills.

Skill Acquisition

At MGABA we value the individuality of our learners and design programs to address each person’s specific needs. Individuals who attend MGABA Center services will work toward lifelong socially significant achievements.

ABA programs offer training in the following skills:

    • Social skills: reciprocal conversation, spontaneous commenting, speaking in front of a group, team building and participation
    • Daily living skills: preparing food, following recipes, setting the table, eating independently
    • Personal hygiene: hand washing, brushing teeth, independent dressing, tolerating haircuts
    • Routines and schedules: following daily and task-related schedules, time management, organization
    • Vocational planning: looking for a job to suit personal interest and skills, filling out an application, preparing for an interview, interview conversational skills

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Marra and Glick Team Members

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